Friday, January 31, 2014

Introduction of Tsunami Effects on Japan

  My name is Steve Rath.  I am half Japanese and half Polish.  I have held many interests that line up with Japan.  Originally, I am from southern California and much of my Japanese family lives there as well.  Still, I have family that lives over in Japan, and when the tsunami hit, I was very interested in following the impact that it had on Japan. 
  The tsunami was devastating, it caused damage to nuclear reactors and much of the land.  The nuclear issues caused scares of travelling to visit Japan, and I want to look further into the impact that has had on tourism for Japan. 
  Tourism is a major economic contributor for Japan and it seems that Japan has recovered very quickly from the tsunami.  This is the other aspect that I would like to look into and see just how this was accomplished.  Upcoming posts will look into these different aspects of Japanese tourism, and the effects of the tsunami.


  1. Steven, Asian countries have been ravaged by tsunamis frequently during the past decade. Your blog is a great method for people to understand the impact their tourist dollars can have as well as understand how these particular areas have been affected. With your permission, I'd love to reference your blog in mine, Thanks for the great insights.

  2. Steven, I am also writing a blog about the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka. I am focussing on tsunami warning systems and would like to learn more about the warning systems Japan had in place during the 2011 tsunami and see how that helped them them.

  3. Steve,
    My blog also covers the impact of natural disasters on tourism. I think it is important that people know how much tourism is affected due to fear after a natural disaster. Hopefully our blogs can help each other know the different and similar ways it impacted Japan and Thailand.

  4. Steve,
    Is is unfortunate that the countries affected by Tsunamis have to go through this. My blog touches on how tourism is affecting our country as a whole. Yes, Italy wasn't destroyed by a natural disaster but they have artifacts and monuments that are slowly deteriorating. My plan is to provide recognition for this travesty and provide a little hope for tourism.

  5. Steve,
    It is a tragedy of the aftermath of that tsunami, not only the death and devastation, but also the loss of economy in a number of ways including tourism. My blog is also covering natural destruction and the effects on tourism. Here is a link that I hope will help you out.